DeRC 2015 Outline

DeRC 2015 Outline

Ljubljana, Monday-Tuesday, September 21-22, 2015

The cross-border eLogistics, eProcurement, eGovernment, eMunicipality, eLearning, eTourism & eCulture, eHealth, eSMEs, and other eAreas are vital and relevant to the interoperability of the EU macro regions. For example, the Danube, the Adriatic & Ionian, and the Alpine regions. From a bigger picture perspective, the eTechnologies will allow for the interoperability with the Baltic eRegion and the eRegions on the New Silk Road .

In Slovenia, the Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the Danube eRegion,  has been under way since February 2011. A similar initiative may also be of interest to some organizations in other countries, which may like to accelerate the cross-border eCollaboration in order to contribute to the increased competitiveness of the organizations, the countries and the region as a whole.

A major focus of the initiative is to encourage organizations with any interest in cross-border business to engage in a joint Information and Communication Technologies based prototype development. A prototype – proof of concept – is the beginning of an action leading to a possible joint EU project proposal of an eSolution, or an eService development solving a problem shared by the organization in at least three countries.

In the cross-border eBusiness and eCollaboration, too many barriers still block the free flow of online services. The DeRC2015 conference is expected to contribute to the EU Digital Single Market development and creation of  new jobs for young job-seekers, and a vibrant knowledge-based society.

Prototype presentations are in a line with the Living Labs (LLs) and the Open Innovation concept and methodology. The LLs promote user-driven methods and tools for improving the real-world development of products and services. A special focus is at the cross-border eSolutions and eServices. Published are the descriptions of the prototype proposals presented at the previous events.

Published are the current components of the DeRC2015 program. You are kindly invited to submit a proposal of any of the conference’s program components:

  • Thematic meeting (Monday, September 21, morning)
  • Prototype proposal involving the representatives of the organizations in at least three countries. A submission form is attached.
  • Panel proposal which is cross-border problem based and action focused. One page panel outline should indicate a problem, panel’s structure, panel’s chair, or co-chairs, and the panel members – representatives of the organizations in at least three countries.

The proposals are expected to be emailed to as soon as possible and not later than Thursday, July 2, 2015. Accepted prototype and panel proposals will be published at the conference’s website.

There is no conference fee. Registration is required, however. A conference participant covers her/his travel and accommodation costs.

The host of the conference is SAP Slovenija.
Organizational support by Regional Chamber Ljubljana.

You are kindly invited to follow the current conference’s program (under development).

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Dimičeva ulica 13, 1504 Ljubljana, Slovenia