DeRC 2016 Outline

eRegions Conference 2016  –  Outline

Time: Monday-Tuesday, September 19-20, 2016

Location: Castle Jable, Grajska cesta 1, 1234 Mengeš, Slovenia

C o – o r g a n i z e r s

to be indicated

C o n f e r e n c e     H o s t

SAP Slovenia

r o g r a m   (under development) is published.


The cross-border eLogistics, eProcurement, eGovernment, eMunicipality, eLearning, eTourism, eCulture, eHealth, eSMEs, eSecurity, Silver eEconomy and other eAreas are vital to the competitiveness of the cross-border regions. In Central and South East Europe that means the Danube, the Adriatic & Ionian, and the Alpine regions. From a bigger picture perspective, it is about the competitiveness of the eRegions on the New eAmber and New eSilk Roads.

Digital Single Market & eRegions

To the eRegions development, the Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe, published by the European Commission on May 6, 2015 is very important for several reasons.

One, within the Digital Single Market, the eRegions will be developing faster.

Two, only after the eRegions are digital in reality, the EU Digital Single Market can be materialized.

Three, more competitive as an eRegion is, more competitive the EU market as a whole will be.

Four, a joint EU strategy is urgently needed since no single country, no single region, no single industry can make it happen. In order to achieve the strategy objectives, interoperability of the eRegions will have to be created.

Cross-border eCollaboration Initiative

In Slovenia, the Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the eRegion has been under way since February 2011. Its major focus is at encouraging the organizations with interest in any aspect of the cross-border eBusiness to engage in Information and Communication Technologies – ICT based prototypes development. A prototype – a proof of concept – is the beginning of an action leading to a possible joint EU project proposal of an eSolution, or an eService development which is believed to solve a problem shared by the organization in at least three countries. Prototype presentations are in a line with the Living Labs (LLs) and the Open Innovation concept and methodology. The LLs promote user-driven methods and tools for improving the real-world development of products and services. A special focus is at the cross-border eSolutions and eServices.

Annual international eRegions Conference (named Danube eRegion Conference – DeRC in the period 2011-2015) is the initiative’s contribution to an accelerated development of the eRegion. Since too many barriers still block the free flow of online services, the 2016 conference is expected to contribute to the current problems definition, objectives creation, solutions proposals, and actions generated. Encouraged are the prototype presentations.

Call for panel and prototype proposals

You are kindly invited to submit an innovative problem based and action focused proposal of any of the three types of the conference’s program components:

Thematic meeting (Monday, September 19, 2016, morning).

Prototype proposal, involving representatives of the organizations in at least three countries. A submission form is attached.

Panel proposal, addressing a cross-border problem and a vision of its solution. One page panel outline should include: short problem description, panel’s chair/co-chairs, panel members, suggested joint action(s). The panel members are expected to represent the organizations in at least three countries.

You are welcome to email the proposal to  as soon as possible and not later than Tuesday, June 21, 2016. The proposers are assumed to be initiating and coordinating the actions in their respective environment which are needed to solve the problem selected. The panel is expected to be a sort of report about the work done, and the work in progress. The panel members and the prototype proposers are encouraged to monitor the EU calls for projects and respond accordingly in time.

The accepted prototype and panel proposals will be published at the conference’s website. The program will be designed based on the proposals accepted. You are kindly invited to follow-up the current conference’s program under development.

There is no conference fee. Registration is required, however. A conference participant covers her/his travel and accommodation costs.

A key challenge for Europe is its ageing population. It is a major societal challenge (in terms of public budgets, workforce, competitiveness and quality of life) but also a major opportunity for new jobs and growth. The Silver Economy covers new market opportunities arising from public and consumer expenditure related to the rights, needs and demands of the (growing) population over 50. The universities of the third age in the eRegion are invited to consider interest in the related panel of the conference.

The undergraduate and graduate students and their instructors are suggested to engage in innovative cross-border eSolutions and eServices prototypes development in cooperation with the organizations – prototype recipients in at least two countries. Students’ prototypes presentation sessions are a component of the conference. The experience of the DeRC2015 preconference meeting Regional SAP University Alliance Meeting with Extended Invitation to the Rectors & Deans in the Danube Region is very encouraging.

eRegion Portal

An important tool supporting the knowledge sharing on the cross-border eRegions relevance, development, and operations is the eRegion Portal. It provides links to e-regions, countries, actors, eRegions Conference, and the Slovenia’s initiative. Links to the organizations in the countries of the region which are relevant to the cross-border eCollaboration are available at You are welcome to visit the portal occasionally and suggest its possible improvements and provide additional links.

The eRegions Conference 2016 is expected to contribute to the eRegions interoperability. Supportive to its program development is the eRegions on the New eAmber and New eSilk Roads Think Tank.


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