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Smart Specialization S3 Platform

Smart Specialisation Platform – S3P

S3 is a platform established by the European Commission to provide professional advice to EU countries and regions for the design of their research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3). Services of the platform include:

· Providing guidance material and good practice examples
· Organising information sessions for policy makers and participating in conferences
· Providing training to policy-makers
· Facilitating peer-reviews
· Supporting access to relevant data
· Participating in high quality research projects to inform strategy formation and policy making

Contact person: Dr. Aleš Gnamuš, European Commission, DG JRC IPTS – Knowledge for Growth Unit, Seville, Spain,

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Danube INCO.NET FP7 Project

Danube-INCO.NET FP7 Project

Danube-INCO.NET is an FP7 funded coordination and support action for the official EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in the field of research and innovation (R&I). Whereas the EUSDR addresses a wide variety of priority areas, Danube-INCO.NET focuses mainly on two of them: PA 7 „Knowledge Society“ and PA 8 „Competitiveness“. The project supports the policy dialogue, creates networks, and analyses and supports R&I activities.

Contact person: Mag. Elke Dall, Coordinator, ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna, Austria,

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Alpine Space Programme

Alpine Space Programme

After three years of joint preparation and stakeholder consultations, the programming process for the Alpine Space Programme 2014−2020 has reached an important milestone: the Cooperation Programme has now been endorsed by the partner states and submitted to the European Commission for approval.

On this website you can find:
· The Programme documents (some as DRAFT)
· A summary of the ASP Cooperation Programme 2014-2020
· A description of the programming process
· Task force and drafting team members

Contact: Joint Technical Secretariat, JTS, European Territorial Cooperation, München, Germany,


Co-efficient, Collaborative Framework for Energy Efficiency SME Systems

CO-EFFICIENT is aiming to advance innovation and already available technologies for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in operations and production processes of Mediterranean SMEs. In comparison to large companies, SMEs are generally slow to adopt energy efficient solutions as there is not enough communication and coordination between the R&D sector and SME systems, which evidently prevents technology and know-how transfer. The premise, on which this project is based, is that a permanent collaborative framework for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources linking SMEs, the R&D sector, as well as other institutional stakeholder in the Mediterranean area, will be able of improving collaboration between SMEs and the R&D sector and inducing important behavioural and technological changes in the field of energy efficient operations and production processes. The framework, applied in all partner countries through the establishment of local LL pilots, will coordinate cross-border living labs active in all partner countries and seek to involve R&D organisations, SMEs, and other stakeholders to co-create new solutions for better use of energy in production and operations.

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TransSLO Initiative

TransSLO initiative is based on the successfully implemented projects TransSLO and TransSLO-PLUS. Its priority is the integration of the research community and industry on the national level, while the second goal of the initiative is to promote new partnerships and expand involvement in European projects in the field of transport. Furthermore, the TransSLO initiative serves as a transfer point of knowledge and experience gained by the professionals and actors in the scope of transport research, fostering of innovation and transport policy making.

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