Tourism & Culture

Tourism & Culture offers information on Slovene cultural producers, venues, festivals and support services, all in one place. Its beta version was launched in April 2010 and developed to its full capacity in 2012. It encourages international cultural exchange in the fields of arts, culture and heritage.

Contact person: Polona Torkar, Public Relations, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory Ljubljana,

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Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana collects, preserves, studies and presents tangible and intangible heritage of the City of Ljubljana and its wider surroundings from the prehistory until the present day, conducts pedagogic, andragogic and promotional activities concerning the Institute’s operations, and related vocational training. By holding exhibitions and compiling collections of museum objects, of archive and library materials and of other documentary materials, modern and contemporary works of art as well as contemporary art practices, the Museum provides access to public cultural goods and engages in international exchange.

Contact person: Dr. Bernarda Županek, Curator, Department of Classical Antiquity,

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Radovljica Municipality Museums

Contact person: Jerneja Jelovčan Koselj, Museum Educator,

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Škofja Loka Museum

Škofja Loka Museum is a general museum with archaeological, historical, cultural-historical, ethnological, art, natural history collections and exhibition program. It was founded in 1939 and covers the area which for 830 years (973–1803) formed the Loka Estate under the authority of the Freising Bishops of Bavaria. The museum has four different venues. Main venue is Loka Castle in Škofja Loka, which was first mentioned in 1215. It hosts collections, open air museum and a Gallery. Exhibition program is also performed at three other locations: the Gallery of Ivan Grohar, the Gallery of France Mihelič in the medieval Granary, both in the center of the city and in the Home of the Cankar Battalion in the village of Dražgoše.

Contact person: Boštjan Soklič, Art Historian and Custodian,

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Technical Museum of Slovenia, Bistra near Vrhnika

Contact person: Urša Vodopivec, Public Relations,

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Slovene Association of Historic Towns, Škofja Loka

The Slovene Association of Historic Towns was established in Ptuj in 2001, organised as an economic interest association. The Association is a member of the European Union of Historical Towns, Norwich, UK.

Contact person: Mateja Hafner Dolenc, Coordinator,

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