8.9.2017 From Maria Theresa Gymnasium in 1746 to Academic Initiative in 2017

8.9.2017 From Maria Theresa Gymnasium in 1746 to Academic Initiative in 2017

From Novo mesto Gymnasium Founding Charter of Empress Maria Theresa in 1746 to Dolenjska Academic Initiative in 2017

Date: Friday, September 8, 2017, 12:00 – 13:30

Location: Library, Franciscan Monastery Novo mesto, Frančiškanski trg 1








The objective of the gathering From Novo mesto Gymnasium Founding Charter of Empress Maria Theresa in 1746 to Dolenjska Academic Initiative in 2017 is to discuss opportunities in jointly coordinated actions for exploitation of internet (websites) for an accelerated cross-border cultural heritage and tourism ePromotion in the next 12 months.

Slovene is the working language of the gathering.

Registration to the gathering is required at Gricar@FOV.Uni-Mb.si. The name and email of the registered participant will be published.


Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the eRegions

Marking of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Empress Maria Theresa Committee

Gymnasium Novo mesto Graduating Class 1960

Novo mesto – Historic Villages & Towns Network



Welcome Address
Father Tomaž Hočevar, Guardian & Librarian
Franciscan Monastery Novo mesto


Maria Theresa Founding Charter of the Novo mesto Grammar School 1746. Empress Maria Theresa, Vienna, August 8, 1746 
Mojca Lukšič, Principal
Novo mesto Grammar School

Grammar Schools & Maria Theresa
Mag. Mitja Sadek, Director
Historical Archives Ljubljana & Member, Council of the Town Municipality of Novo mesto

Natural Scientists from Dolenjska Region 
Dr. Mihael Japelj, Professor & Honorary President
Dolenjska Academic Initiative & Committee President, Marking of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Empress Maria Theresa & Honorary President, Council of Krka Awards Foundation

Empress Maria Theresa & Gymnasium Karlovac since 1766
Snježana Štranjgar, Professor & Acting Principal
Grammar School Karlovac

Novo mesto on the Prehistoric and Amber Roads
Borut Križ, Curator
Museum of Dolenjska Novo mesto

Symbolic Meaning of the “Grammar School Girl with a Growing Book” for the Past, Present and Future
Dr. Janez Gabrijelčič, Author and Programm Coordinator
The United Growing Books of the World

Historic Town Novo mesto
Dr. Vida Čadonič Špelič, Director, Municipality Administration
Town Municipality of Novo mesto & Member, Historic Villages & Towns Network

Active Silence & Carthusians
Zvone Pelko, Chairman, Association Active Silence

Technical Heritage: Cars and Caravans IMV Museum Collection
Andrej Andrijanič

Cross-border eCollaboration in 2018 – Year of European Cultural Heritage: A Role of Silver eConomy and Sharing eConomy
Dr. Jože Gričar, Professor Emeritus, University of Maribor
Program Coordinator, Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the eRegions & Editor, eRegion Portal & Member of Assembly & Member of the Board, Central-European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (CESCI), Budapest

13:30 Refreshment & Socializing


Gymnasium Novo mesto 1960 Graduating Class Members:

Andrej Andrijanič            Miso.Andrijanic1@gmail.com
Vinko Bele
Franc Bartol                      Bartolj.Franc@siol.net
Jože Dobovšek                  nimarsster@gmail.com
Jože Gabrijelčič                Jozef.Gabrijelcic@gmail.com
Marta Košir Račečič           info@Arhitekton.si
Jože Gričar                        Gricar@FOV.Uni-Mb.si
Meta Kotnik – Petković   Katja7P@gmail.com
Bogica Jovanović
Janez Mervič                     Mervic.Janez@gmail.com
Stanislav Pavlin                Stanislav.Pavlin@gmail.com
Zvone Pelko                      Zgovorna.Tisina@gmail.com
Filip Robar Dorin            FRobar@siol.net
Stanislav Plavec               NadakHoch@yahoo.com
Majda Selak Šoster         Majda.Soster@gmail.com
Peter Simič                       PeterSimic42@gmail.com
Irena Strmšek Gabrijelčič  Jozef.Gabrijelcic@gmail.com

Gymnasium Novo mesto other Graduating Classes

Janez Gabrijelčič               1958   Janez.Gabrijelcic@Tusmobil.club
Stane Granda                      1967   Granda.Stanko@gmail.com
Amalija Gričar Recelj        1955   Amalija.Recelj@gmail.com
Miha Japelj                        1954   Miha_Japelj@t-2.net
Peter Jerman                     1954   P.Jerman@roj.si
Borut Križ                          1974   Borut.Kriz@DolenjskiMuzej.si
Gregor Macedoni               1991  Gregor.Macedoni@Novomesto.si
Marjan Moškon                 1954  Marjan.Moskon@gmail.com
Eva Nifergal Simič            1953  Eva.Simic@t-2.net
Andrej Počrvina                1967   Andrej.Pocrvina@siol.net
Marjan Ravbar                   1966  Marjan.Ravbar@guest.arnes.si
Matjaž Ravbar                   1999   Matjaz.Ravbar@gmail.com
Nataša Ravbar                   1995   Natasa.Ravbar@ZRC-SAZU.si
Mitja Sadek                       1995   Mitja.Sadek@ZAL-Lj.si
Anton Škerlj                       1953  Anton.Skerlj@Skerlj.si
Bojan Tomšič                     1964  Bojan.Tomsic@kakovost2000.si
Janez Usenik                     1967  Janez.Usenik@UM.si
Lojze Zupančič                  1957  LojzeZupancic4@gmail.com

Other Participants:

Ivan Botteri, Editor & Journalist, EUTouristTV, VMN E. MEDIA d.o.o., Mengeš, Ivan.Botteri@siol.net

Dr. Boris Bukovec, Professor & Dean, Faculty of Organization Studies Novo mesto, Boris.Bukovec@FOS.UNm.si

Marijana Cigala, Mayor, Municipality of Dravograd, Marijana.Cigala@Dravograd.si

Dr. Lea-Marija Colarič-Jakše, Assistant Professor & Head, Institute for Innovative Tourism and International Academy for Innovative Tourism, Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mestoLea.Colaric-Jakse@FOS.UNm.si

Dr. Vida Čadonič Špelič, Director, Municipality Administration, Town Municipality of Novo mesto & Member, Historic Villages & Towns Network, Vida.Cadonic.Spelic@Novomesto.si

Jasna Dokl Osolnik, Director, Museum of Dolenjska, Novo mestoJasna.Dokl.Osolnik@DolenjskiMuzej.si

Vojko Grobovšek, Tour Guides Coordinator, Cars and Caravans IMV Museum Collection, Vojko.Grobovsek@yahoo.com

Father Tomaž Hočevar, Guardian & Librarian, Franciscan Monastery Novo mestoTomaz.Hocevar@RKC.si

Marjan Hren, President, Society of the Mach Heritage in the Valley of Gorjanci, Hren303@gmail.com

Vlasta Hrvat, Pedagogy, Grammar School KarlovacVlasta.Hrvat@gmail.com

Dr. Milček Komelj, Academician, Professor & President, Cultural Association Severin Šali, Novo mestoNada.Sumi@Ljubljana.si

Franci Koncilija, Former Mayor, Town Municipality of Novo mesto, Franci.Koncilija@gmail.com

Lučka Lukan, Head, Department of Food Procurement, University Medical Centre Ljubljana,

Cecilija Smolič, Deputy Librarian, Franciscan Monastery Library Novo mesto, Cecilija_Smolic@t-2.net,

Snježana Štranjgar, Professor & Acting Principal, Grammar School KarlovacSStranjgar@gmail.com

Nada Šumi, Editor, Ljubljana Magazine, City Council of Municipality of Ljubljana, Nada.Sumi@Ljubljana.si

Marjanca Trščinar Antić, Marketing, Hotel Center Novo mesto, Kompas.Nm.Marjanca@siol.net

Vida Zupančič-Yebuah, Secretary, Society of the Mach Heritage in the Valley of Gorjanci, Vida.ZupaniYebuah@yahoo.com


Maria Theresa & Slovenia (13 May 1717 – 29 November 1780): The 300th anniversary of birth of one of the most important European sovereigns
Maria Theresa – Wikipedia
Maria Theresa: Strategist – Mother – Reformer. Exhibition, Vienna, 15 March to 29 November 2017
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What made Austria’s Maria Theresa a one-of-a-kind ruler. By Klaus Krämer (ad). DW Akademie, Germany’s leading organization for international media development, 15.03.2017
Empress Maria Theresa Founding Charter of the Novo mesto Grammar School. Issued in Vienna, August 8, 1746
Cesarica Marija Terezija Ustanovna listina novomeške gimnazije Izstavljena na Dunaju 8.8.1746
Association of a combined guild of blacksmiths, locksmiths, belt makers and millers of the Beltinci Parish. Signed by Empress Maria Theresa on April 19th, 1777. The document is kept in the Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota

Teaching of beekeeping in Carniola from Peter Pavel Glavar (1768) and Anton Janša (1770) to Emil Rothschütz (1874). By Andrej Šalehar, 2014
Matej Mandelj, Secretary, Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association

Maria Theresa ‒ an Enlightened Reformer and Grandmother of Central Europe. International Scientific Conference
Milko Kos Historical Institute, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana
Dr. Miha Preinfalk, Senior Research Fellow & Mag. Barbara Šterbenc Svetina, Administrative Assistant

300 Years After. Empress Maria Theresia and Her 1748 Imperial Seal. By Dr. Jure Volčjak. Archivalia of the Month, May 2017

Marking of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Empress Maria Theresa
City Municipality of Novo mesto
Dr. Vida Čadonič Špelič, Director, Municipal Administration

At the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Theresa. Jurij Vega Gymnasium Idrija. By Janez Kavčič

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