Cultural Heritage as a Generator of Tourism Development in the Danube Region
Škofja Loka (April 8) & Ribnica na Dolenjskem (April 9, 2014), Slovenia

The members of the Tourism and Culture in eMunicipalities Without Borders – A Cross-border Prototype group would like to achieve a higher level of competitiveness of the organizations in the municipalities, and a better life of their citizens.

The problem owners are the municipality mayor and the municipality director of administration. Collaboration with the local development agency and the IT provider(s) is assumed. They would like to create a model of a cross-border eCollaboration of smaller municipalities which could be implemented, with certain adoptions, in the countries of the Danube Region, or other regions.

Development and presentations of a prototype at different levels of iteration is the objective of the group of the mayors. Group members will try to develop a prototype to the level of a pilot.

A longer-term objective is the connectivity to the municipalities’ economy via a common technology platform which allows for open cross-border eCollaboration and supports marketing of tourism related content.


Italy-Slovenia Cross-border eCollaboration Workshop
Ljubljana (Wednesday, April 17, 2013), Slovenia

The Italy-Slovenia Cross-border eCollaboration Workshop is an event in the years-long research and development process of cross-border eCollaboration initiated by the University of Maribor and the University of Trieste.

The value of the Italy-Slovenia Cross-border eCollaboration Workshop is in bringing together the outgoing innovative organizations moving from an idea to a prototype, from the prototype to a pilot. The prototypes and pilots which are based on latest Internet technologies are needed in order for the proposers to prepare for related EU calls for projects in time. The purpose of the joint effort is to improve the competitiveness of our countries and provide for a better life of us all.

User centric prototyping (experimenting) is a major methodological component of the Slovenia’s Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the Danube eRegion. In the initiative the participants are looking for what do people really need and how to make it.

Relevance of the prototyping reflects in a program of this workshop. The program is built upon a spirit of open innovation assuming that everybody should be invited to contribute ideas about a problem and its possible solutions. In an environment of a Living Lab researchers, developers and users, customers in fact, are working together. Collaboration is based upon respect of, and strong support to each other.

The plenary panel of the workshop Institutions Involvement in the Cross-border eCollaboration has been designed with such assumptions in mind.

The panel members have been asked to suggest their answers to some of the following questions:

1. Which problems in a cross-border eCollaboration require our immediate attention in order to organize ourselves for joint eSolutions & eServices research, development and implementation?

2. Which approaches are needed to encourage organizations of various types and professionals of different disciplines to act together across the borders, all sorts of borders?

3. How much can high-tech based cross-border eCollaboration contribute to jobs creation?

4. Which action(s) do you propose for the next 6-12 months? How will your organization engage?

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