26.5.2018 Empress Maria Theresa Gymnasiums Network

26.5.2018 Empress Maria Theresa Gymnasiums Network

300th Birth Anniversary Empress Maria Theresa – Joint Postal Stamp

Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine 13.5.2017

Post of AustriaPost of Croatia, Post of Hungary, and Post of Slovenia

are supportive to the Empress Maria Theresa Gymnasiums Network.


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Internet Memorial to the Citizens of Novo mesto 1745


The Empress Maria Theresa Gymnasiums Network was formed at the Novo mesto Academy at the European Year of Cultural Heritage  on May 25, 2018 with the following objectives:

  • Expressing thanks to the Empress Maria Theresa for her visionary appreciation of education.
  • Presenting the gymnasium’s history as a component of the European cultural heritage.
  • Suggesting ways of efficient cultural heritage promotion to the benefits of sustainable tourism in the local community.
  • Encouraging collaboration and exchange of gymnasiums’ students and teachers by exploiting e-technologies.
  • Suggesting possible joint cross-border project proposals.
  • Providing links to at least three gymnasium’s representatives to the network: principal/director, teacher of English, website editor.
  • Linking with eSchools networks.

Members & Representatives

Gymnasium Novo mesto

250 Years of Novo mesto Gymnasium

Pošta Slovenije

1746 – Gymnasium Novo mesto

Mojca Lukšič, Principal

Empress Maria Theresa Founding Charter of the Novo mesto Grammar School. Issued in Vienna, August 8, 1746

Theresianum Academy Wien

Association of former Theresianists 250 Years Theresianische Akademie

Austria-Forum Art and Culture, Stamps 1996


Foundation Theresianische Akademie Wien
Ministerialrat Dr. Stephan Nagler, Curator
Monika Ostrzeniewska, Assistant to the Management, Marketing

1749 – Theresianum Academy, Vienna
Stiftung “Theresianische Akademie”, Wien

Maria Theresia und das Theresianum (1)
Maria Theresia Daten und Fakten (2)

Mathematics and Nautical Sciences in Trieste

1753 Mathematics and Nautical Sciences in Trieste

Gymbasium Karlovac

1766 – Gymnasium Karlovac

Mrs Snježana Štranjgar, Principal
Mrs Vlasta Hrvat, School Pedagogue
Mr Denis Plavetić, Teacher of English Language & Website Editor

Gymnasium Vinkovci

1766 – Gymnasium Vinkovci

Mr Stipe Tomić, Principal
Stipe.Tomic3@skole.hr, Ured@Gimnazija-MAReljkovica-vk.skole.hr
Mr Daniel Rakijašić, ICT Teacher
Ms Jasna Lovrić, Teacher of English & German
Gimnazija M. A. Reljkovića Vinkovci

Szombathely Gymnasium[/caption]

1772 –  Saint Norbert of the Premonstratensian Order Secondary Grammar School Szombathely

Mrs Véghné Busics Hilda, Director
Mrs Némethné Pálfay Bernadett, English Teacher
Mrs Renata Dallos-Kelemen, German Teacher
Fr. Hancz Gábor Tamás O.Praem, Website Editor

The Short History of the Premonstratensian Secondary Grammar School

Charter of Maria Theresa on the Founding of the Secondary Grammar School of Szombathely, Vienna, 1 July 1772
Translated into English based on the 1932 Hungarian translation of Kálmán Klemm

Gymnasium Banská Štiavnica

1776 – Gymnasium Banská Štiavnica

Gymnázium Andreja Kmeťa (Andrej Kmeť Comprehensive School) in Banská Štiavnica –  History of the School

1777 – Royal College Maria Theresa, Herve, Belgium

Collège Royal Marie-Thérèse in Herve, Belgien

College Marie-Thérèse, Herve, Belgium   

Postal Service of Belgium

Joseph Bartholomé, Headmaster
Christian Jacquet, Deputy Headmaster

Public Franziskanergymnasium Bozen

1780 – Public Franziskanergymnasium Bozen

Dr. Wolfgang Malsiner, Director
Lukas Oberrauch, Professor & Deputy Director

Stiftsgymnasium Melk

1781 – Stiftsgymnasium Melk

Mag. Anton Eder, Director
Mag. Johannes Eichhorn, English Teacher
Mag. Michael Grill, Website Editor

Maria Theresa Monument Vienna

Contact person

Dr. Jože Gričar, Professor Emeritus, University of Maribor
Program Coordinator, Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the  eRegion & Editor, eRegion Portal, Novo mesto Gymnasium Graduate 1960


Edinost, Communities based, collective publishing project, Trieste
Alessio Mazzaro, Board Director

Links to the Associated Schools

Escola Secundária D. João II in Setúbal, Portugal
Ramiro Sousa, Director

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, USA
Dr. Jeff Pooley, Associate Professor and Chair, Media & Communication

Links to the Schools Associations & Networks

Slovenia Grammar Schools Network

Slovenia Basic Schools Network

International Contacts Group

Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Dr. Brian O’Neill, Professor & Director of Research, Enterprise and Innovation and Dean of the Graduate Research School

Informing Science Institute, Santa Rosa, California, USA
Eli Cohen, Founder & Executive Director & Initiator of the transdiscipline Informing science

Aditional links to be published

Network's Actions

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Links to the Empress Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa – Wikipedia
Maria Theresa. The Holy Roman empress from 1740 to 1780 – Encyclopedia.com
Maria Theresa. Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, Archduchess of Austria, Roman-German Empress, born 1717; died 1780 – Catholic Encyclopedia
Maria Theresa and her reforms. By Martin Mutschlechner. World and worlds of the Habsburgs. Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H., Vienna
What made Austria’s Maria Theresa a one-of-a-kind ruler. By Klaus Krämer (ad). DW Akademie, Germany’s leading organization for international media development, 15.03.2017

Other Links

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Memorial to the Citizens of Novo mesto

October 4, 2018

We are grateful to the Novo mesto citizens
who in 1744 proposed to the ruler Maria Theresa
to establish a gymnasium in Novo mesto.

She signed the founding charter on August 8, 1746.

City Municipality of Novo mesto
October 2018

Krka, Tovarna zdravil d.d. Novo mesto
Plate donor

Responsible for the installation of a memorial (Foto: Dolenjski list)

Internet Memorial to the Citizens of Novo mesto 1745

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