12.5.2017 Food eSupply & eProcurement Workshop

12.5.2017 Food eSupply & eProcurement Workshop

Date: Friday, May 12, 2017, 10:00 – 16:00

Location: University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Lecture Hall 3, Zaloška Street 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Outline
  • Principles of ePrototype Development
  • Program
  • Participants
  • References



In Slovenia, the Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the eRegion has been under way since February 2011. Its major focus is at encouraging the organizations with interest in any aspect of the cross-border eBusiness to engage in Internet based prototypes development. A prototype – a proof of concept – is the beginning of an action leading to a possible pilot development. The pilot may be a component of a joint EU project proposal of an eSolution, or an eService development which is believed to solve a problem shared by the organization in at least three countries. Prototype presentations are in a line with the Living Labs (LLs) and the Open Innovation concept and methodology. The LLs promote user-driven methods and tools for improving the real-world development of products and services. Focus is at the eSolutions and eServices in the cross-border eRegions.

The workshop is problem based and action focused. The objectives of the workshop are the following:

– Initiation of an action needed and doable in the next 12 months.
– Preparation of a panel of the 2017 eRegions Conference.
– Preparation of a prototype proposal (regions-con-2017-crossborder-prototype-form).
– Draft development of a joint project proposal as a response to one of the EU calls for projects.

There is no workshop fee. Registration is required, however. A workshop participant covers her/his travel and accommodation costs.

ePrototypes Development Principles

The Food eSupply & eProcurement prototypes will be presented and discussed at the workshop. The prototypes development is based on the following principles:

  • The prototyping (proof of concept) and open innovation are the methodological components of the initiative.
  • A usage of the eSolution is simple.
  • The eSolution is in accordance with a need and a desire of its user.
  • In the eSolution the required manual procedures are embedded into the software allowing for the solution to be easily arranged by the user to fit with her/his current requirements.
  • The paper documents are replaced by the e-messages.
  • The organization is enabling the partnering organization an insight into data related to the common buying-selling process.
  • Data provided by the organization can be used in the partnering organization without any additional manual data entry.
  • Data standards and norms are accessible, unified and useful to all partnering organizations.
  • Prototype development groups cooperate and share the experience gained.
  • The prototype eSolutions are presented to the professional public.
  • The eRegion Portal is exploited for a better eCollaboration. The portal is powered by SRC d.o.o. Ljubljana.

The Food eSupply & eProcurement prototypes are closely related to some other areas of the  Inter-Municipality Initiative: Cross-border eCollaboration in the eRegions. For example, SMEs eCommerce in the eRegions  & eMunicipalities Without Borders.

Program (under development)

Envisioned are the following panels focusing at the eSupply and eProcurement interoperability:

  • Platforms (Ministries of Agriculture and Food & Associations/Chambers)
  • Food Suppliers (farmers, cooperatives)
  • Food Buyers (hospitals, schools, kindergartens)
  • eMunicipalities (municipality mayors)

Participants (to be updated)


M e e t i n g s

7.2.2017 Food eSupply & eProcurement Meeting in Gorenja vas

28.11.2016 Food eSupply & eProcurement Meeting

 20.9.2016 Panel: Cross-border Food eProcurement in the eRegion

13.5.2016 Food eProcurement & eSupply Prototype Meeting in Ljubljana

23.3.2016 Thematic Group Food eProcurement Prototype Meeting in Ljubljana

10.2.2016 Food eProcurement Meeting in Ljubljana

 23.9.2014 Panel: Interoperability of Short Local Food eProcurement Chains

2.9. 2014 Short Food eProcurement Chains, 4th Meeting, Novo mesto

8. 7. 2014 Short Food eProcurement Chains, Slovenia Consulate General, Klagenfurt

4. 7. 2014 Short Food eProcurement Chains, 3rd Meeting, Novo mesto

16. 5. 2014 Short Food eProcurement Chains, Meeting, Kindergartens Kranj

12. 4. 2014 Short Food eProcurement Chains, 2nd Meeting, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment

2.3. 2014 Short Food eProcurement Chains, 1st Meeting, SORA Škofja Loka

10. 12. 2013 Initiative for Food eProcurement Partnerships, Ljubljana

24. 9. 2013 Panel: Supply Chains of SMEs in the Danube eRegion, DeRC 2013 Program

11. 1. 2012 – Fruit eSupply Chain Prototype, SAP Slovenia Ljubljana
Program, Meeting Outline, List of Participants, Conclusions and Suggestions

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Networks in the eRegion

Interoperability of Short Local Food eProcurement ChainsPanel. 4th Danube eRegion Conference – DeRC 2014: Cross-border eSolutions & eServices Prototypes Development. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Monday-Tuesday, September 22-23, 2014, September 23, 14:00 – 15:30

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